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How To Repair Weapons in Fortnite

Can a weapon be repaired?

Weapons lose durability time by time and once the durability bar empties out, the weapon will be broken and can’t be used anymore.

GameSkinny says

Unfortunately, your options for keeping that weapon indefinitely are pretty limited, as there is currently no way to repair weapons in Fortnite. You do, however, have two options for replacing your weapons with identical ones. While they may not be ideal, they are the best replacement players have for weapon repair in Fortnite.

Twinfinite Says

There is currently no option within Fortnite to repair a weapon before it breaks and once it’s gone you don’t have many courses of action after the fact.  So what do you do once your favorite weapon breaks and you can’t repair it? The only option right now is to simply find the schematic for the weapon and craft the weapon all over again. Of course, this exposes a pretty big issue when it comes to drops. You may end up collecting some rare weapons throughout the game but if you don’t have the schematic for it you’re time with the new weapon is limited.

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